Colorado Youth at Risk

When Colorado Youth at Risk was faced with a leadership transition, the Board understood the importance of bringing in a seasoned leader to help the organization through a significant transition.  Faced with low staff morale and a need to clarify the strategic priorities given the current conditions, CYAR sought interim leadership to stabilize the organization.  

As interim executive director, Glenna designed and facilitated a short-term strategic priorities session with board and staff to identify the highest 6-month priorities, to align staff and board in a way that maximized limited resources.

In working with the organization for 8 months, it became clear that a longer term and better strategic option would be to join forces with another mentoring organization.  Glenna supported the pursuit of a merger with Denver Urban Scholars and over the course of several months supported the two organizations to join forces.  Denver Urban Scholars and Colorado Youth at Risk aligned as one agency in September of 2017.  This union will result in better outcomes for youth and potentially more youth being served.



The KHEN board's new Board Chair sought to create an actionable strategic plan while building a cohesive and unified team with a recently expanded board. Through targeted pre-planning, GForce Strategies developed a retreat agenda and outcomes based on an assessment of organizational and individual strengths and gaps. During the one day retreat, Glenna led the Board through revising their mission and core values, the creation of a 5-year target, 3-year objectives and 1-year plan. Since that time, KHEN is on track to increase revenue by 20-25%, have created community events to showcase their newly created core values and value to the Salida community, and have increased the number of DJ's and relevant programming significantly.


Padres & Jóvenes Unidos

Padres & Jóvenes Unidos reached out seeking support in organizational development and upgrades to their development efforts.  GForce worked with the leadership team to conduct a comprehensive evaluation of their current development efforts, recommendations on how to optimize development tactics and helped in the search and selection of a development director. 

Recognizing that in order to fully maximize development efforts, the agency needed a clearly articulated strategy, leadership asked that GForce Strategies facilitate a strategic prioritization session which resulted in a clearly articulated strategy for the organization over the next 3 years.  G Force continues to work with Padres in organizational development as well as coaching the leadership team through significant transition.